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Alipay is a little revolution in the world of online payment and virtual wallet. Developed by the internet giant Alibaba, it not only allows you to pay your bills at the restaurant by having the cashier scan your QR code, it also lets you receive money from your friends, pay your utilities bills, top up your prepaid phone balance, rent a shared bike, hire a car, trade stocks, play games and loads and loads more.

Alipay is accepted pretty much everywhere from the biggest stores to the tiniest local street shops.

The way it works is that you generate a one time QR code on your phone, the merchant scans it, and there you go, you have paid. Depending on the shop’s system, you might also have to scan their code and input the amount to be paid by yourself. One way or another, it is super easy to use and extremely practical. You (almost) don’t need to carry your wallet anymore.

Alipay is also one way to pay for the rent a bikes, like Ofo or Mobike, and also the Didi car drivers (read our articles about bikes and didi).

Oh, and yes, the app is in English and paying by Alipay is no only free but sometimes also gets you extra discounts.

How to set up Alipay on your phone?

It’s very easy, just follow these easy steps:

1/ Download the Alipay app from Google Play or the Apple Store.

2/ Open an account using your phone number and a code that wil be sent to you by SMS.

3/ Add your credit/debit card (“Me” icon at the bottom right and then “Bank Cards”.

And that’s is. Have fun paying with your phone…

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