10 most useful (free) apps if you live in Shanghai

Living in Shanghai usually means a high level of dependency on your mobile device. Shanghainese do a lot of things with their phone (from paying bills to hailing a car, or ride a bike, or scan QR codes…) and you can find yourself easily lost in case you’re running out of battery. Or out of data.

Here is what we consider the 10 best and most useful free apps when you live in Shanghai:

1- WeChat – Chat, payment and more. Continue reading “10 most useful (free) apps if you live in Shanghai”

Broadband internet in Shanghai

Let’s be honest, internet speed is not the most impressive thing in Shanghai. Between the great firewall of China preventing you from accessing your usual websites and the relatively slow internet speed (especially when accessing foreign website), internet can be quite frustrating.

So when you want to choose your home internet, you have basically 3 companies to choose from: Continue reading “Broadband internet in Shanghai”

Alipay – Mobile & Online Payment

Alipay is a little revolution in the world of online payment and virtual wallet. Developed by the internet giant Alibaba, it not only allows you to pay your bills at the restaurant by having the cashier scan your QR code, it also lets you receive money from your friends, pay your utilities bills, top up your prepaid phone balance, rent a shared bike, hire a car, trade stocks, play games and loads and loads more. Continue reading “Alipay – Mobile & Online Payment”