Taobao & Tmall – eCommerce Platforms

Taobao and Tmall are the two main Chinese eCommerce platforms from the giant Alibaba. They are basically the equivalent of respectively eBay and Amazon in China.  You can access both platforms with the same login/pwd and the main difference is that only registered shops can sell on Tmall while non registered shops can sell on Taobao. That means that you are more likely to find fake products on Taobao than on Tmall. Continue reading “Taobao & Tmall – eCommerce Platforms”

Carrefour – Online Grocery Shopping and more

Carrefour is a major French supermarket brand that has several locations in Shanghai as well as an online shopping platform.

Carrefour provides local and imported products, with some organic selection. They have a wide range of products going well beyond the fresh grocery products. Not everything available in the shops is available online but most of it is. Continue reading “Carrefour – Online Grocery Shopping and more”