Bicycle Sharing Service (Mobike, Hellobike, …)

You are looking for an eco friendly way to travel? Or maybe want the fastest short distance commuting system? Or did the train leave you a bit too far from your destination to walk but too close to call a taxi? Look no further, bike sharing is for you. It is very cheap, available everywhere and super easy to use. It is also possibly my favorite thing in Shanghai and something I have never seen (at least at that scale) in any other cities I have lived in. Continue reading “Bicycle Sharing Service (Mobike, Hellobike, …)”


Unlike many other big cities around the world, Shanghai does not have many taxis and it can be quite difficult to hail one. Car hailing or car sharing apps like Didi are very popular in Shanghai for that reason. If you walk out of your apartment in the morning  and just try to catch a taxi to go to work, you might very well find yourself in quite some trouble unless you are near a hotel where you can get one.

Taxis are usually some old Volkswagen cars and the meter starts around 14rmb. Depending on the distance and time of the day, Taxis will not be cheaper than Didi cars but are also not as comfortable.

Taxis can also be called from the Didi app among many others.


Another app that is specifically for taxis is Dida Chuxing (嘀嗒出行) but unfortunately is  available only in Chinese. You can see their website here:


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Uber – Car Hailing App

Uber works in Shanghai but is not as popular as Didi and certainly far from being used as widely as it is in other countries. Also, as both of them have merged, when you request a car with Uber, you are reaching pretty much the same pool of drivers as if you were using Didi. On some occasions, you might get a driver faster with Uber as less people are using the app. The price is similar to Didi but you have fewer car categories to choose from. Also, unlike Didi App, Uber China’s app is only in Chinese and there is currently no English version available.

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